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how do I enlarge my penis

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Before we explore to find a way to gain extra inch or more, let’s ask this question, does penis size really matter? This short vid on Youtube shows the reality.

YOU CAN NOTICE, HOW FRANK THOSE LADIES COULD BECOME ABOUT THE SIZE OF PENIS WHEN THERE’S NO GUY IN PRESENCE. MOTION IN THE OCEAN? GIRLS GET SICK ON A SMALL BOAT! This is the harsh reality. But no need to get scared or feel hopeless. We all are the crusaders. We are conquerors not losers right?

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stretchballI tried pumps (many of them. What a waste), and stretchers (also called extenders), they really hurt! Besides, I couldn’t wear them in public. (You know why..)

They look even terrifying! Those devices will just torture you. And they are all manufactured in China under no medical supervision!

Taking pills? Better buy vitamin C. It’s good for your body.

Getting a surgery? This is a serious issue. I am not a doctor and have no nearest medical field experience, so I can’t elaborately explain on some heavy medical issues. But please see what they do below.


NOW YOU SEE WHAT YOU WILL GET FOR YOUR DOLLAR? Surgeries just make the penis look bigger when it’s in flaccid state, by cutting the penis ligaments or extracting the fat above the pubic bone. Wasting Thousands of dollars!


 If you have a big belly, why not try to lose some extra 20 pounds or 7~8 kgs? You will clearly notice that your penis is protruding. And you will even look better and feel confident.

But if you are not the one with belly problem and you’re just a normal looking guy, then you will have to find another ultimate solution that really works.

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